Online Registration

  • Free use of CCILC’s Macau Delegation Office for work sessions and business meetings;
  • Participation in events, business and institutional networking:
    • Support in contacting official authorities – Governmental bodies, Embassies, Consulates and Economic Delegations in China and Portugal’s main cities;
    • Access to the trasneuropean business networks with China;
    • Organization of lunches, dinners and receptions of official delegations and business missions;
    • Organization of conferences, seminars, workshops and other related events with official entities and specialized companies;
    • Access to the political, academic, scientific and business environment in Portugal and China;
    • Participation in events organized by other Chambers of Commerce and entities;
  • Ilimited acess to the Chamber’s database:
    • Information about fairs, exhibitions and other events in China and Portugal;
    • Provision of business contacts and statistical information;
    • Business and sectorial reports;
    • Promotion of business and employment opportunities;
    • Dissemination of economic and commercial information;
    • ​Publication of news and press releases.
  • Presentation of companies, references and sponsoring of associated members:
    • The Chamber can promote your company’s presentation to other associates, as well as to official representatives of the Embassy or Government;
    • All associated members are referenced when CCILC receives information requests, related to the members’ field of activity;
    • Possibility of sponsoring the Chamber’s events, increasing the company’s reach.
  • On-line advertisement:
    • Preferential inclusion of articles in CCILC’s website, as well as in other social media platforms, in order to highlight certain activities;
    • Associated members also benefit from a discount in the advertisement price chart.

Associados que pretendam um maior nível de envolvimento e interação deverão considerar os escalões Associates that pretend a larger envolvement in the Chamber’s activity should consider the following member categories
Executive or Corporate.

Executive Associates
This associate category benefits from several other special conditions: 

  • These associates benefit from 3 free opportunities of participation in CCILC’s events, and the possibility of registering up to 3 guests in all the Chamber’s events by regular associated members’ price;
  • Promotion of 3 events/campaigns/initiatives per year throughout CCILC’s contact network;
  • Reference as Executive Member in all CCILC’s events, in publications and in all the Chamber’s communication channels..
  • On-line advertisement:
    • Inclusion of the company’s logo in the Chamber’s homepage 3 months per year;
    • Reference in all the pages within CCILC’s website under the title “Executive Members”, with a link connecting to the company’s website;
    • Possibility of changing temporarily the links connecting the company’s page in the Chamber’s website, for the promotion of specific campaigns and related initiatives;
    • Publicação de 5 artigos, reportagens ou entrevistas por ano (incluindo fotos e logótipo com link para a empresa) no website da Câmara Publication of 5 articles, reports and enterviews (including pictures and logo directing to the company’s website) per year in CCILC’s website.

Corporate Members
These members, who benefit from the special conditions guaranteed to Executive Members, also have some specific benefits:

  • Possibility of registering participated companies, branches and others, as associated members;
  • Advisor status, with the right of participation in 3 board meetings per year;
  • One free participation in all Chamber’s events and the possibility of registering its guests with CCILC’s associated discount;
  • Reference as Corporate Member in CCILC’s events, in publications and in all the Chamber’s communication channels;
  • CCILC Promotion of one event/campaign/initiative per month throughout the Chamber’s contact network.

Registration Fee € 150


Category Number of employees/collaborators



Independent professionals with no commercial activity

€ 150

Category A Up to 50 employees/collaborators

€ 276

Category B 51 to 250 employees/collaborators

€ 449

Category C 251 to 500 employees/collaborators

€ 771

Executive Over 500 employees / collaborators

(membership includes several benefits *)

€ 1.730

Corporate Over 500 employees / collaborators

(membership includes several benefits **)

€ 6.000



* – Check HERE

** – Check HERE

Payment: Annual fee

The payments can be made by check or bank transfer to: IBAN: PT 50 003500810009716073072

Bank: Caixa Geral de Depósitos

Note: Membership fees are updated annually by the national inflation rate


Independent professionals with no commercial activity: Registration fee(150€) +Membership fee (150€)

Up to 50 employees / collaborators: Registration fee(150€) +Membership fee (276€)

51 to 250 employees / collaborators: Registration fee(150€) +Membership fee (449€)

251 to 500 employees / collaborators: Registration fee(150€) +Membership fee (771€)

Over 500 employees / collaborators: Registration fee(150€) +Membership fee (1730€)

Over 500 employees / collaborators: Registration fee(150€) +Membership fee (6000€)