Useful Information

Bank Holiday Date Holiday Period
New Year’s 1st – Jan 1st-Jan to 3rd-Jan
Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) 8th – Feb 7th-Feb a 13th-Feb
Qingming Festival 2nd – Apr 2nd-Apr a 3rd-Apr
International Workers’ Day 1st – May 1st-May a 2nd-May
Duanwu Festival 9th – Jun 9th-Jun a 11th-Jun
Mid-Autumn Festival 15th – Sep 15th-Sep a 17th-Sep
National Day of the People’s Republic of China 1st – Oct 1st-Oct a 7th-Oct
Portugal China
Portuguese Embassy in Beijing
General Portuguese Consulate in ShanghaiGeneral Portuguese Consulate in Macao
People’s Republic of China’s Embassy in Portugal
Economic and Commercial Department of the People’s Republic of China’s Embassy in Portugal
Portuguese Foreign Affairs Ministry People’s Republic of China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Portuguese Ministry of Economy and Employment People’s Republic of China’s Ministry of Commerce [MOFCOM]
Portuguese Ministry of Finance People’s Republic of China’s Ministry of Finance
Foreign Investment and Trade Support
Agency for the Foreign Investment and Trade of Portugal [AICEP]

Council for the Promotion of International Trade of China [CCPIT]


Chamber of Commerce for the European Union in China [EUCCC]

European Union’s Small and Medium Enterprises Centre [EUSME Centre]

European Union-China Business Association [EUCBA]

Europe-China Research and Consulting Network [ECRAN]

Bilateral European Chambers of Commerce

Chamber of Commerce Spain-China

Chamber of Commerce and Industry France-China

Chamber of Commerce UK-China

Chamber of Commerce Belgium-China

Chamber of Commerce Switzerland-China

Chamber of Commerce Italy-China

Chamber of Commerce Netherlands-China

Chamber of Commerce Benelux-China

Chamber of Commerce and Industry Germany-China

Chamber of Commerce Norway-China

Chamber of Commerce Sweden-China

Chamber of Commerce Finland-China

House of Friendship Romania-China

Other Chambers of Commerce and Associations

China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission [CIETAC]

Database of Laws and Regulations of the People’s Republic of China

Service of Support to Small and Medium Enterprises over the Intellectual Property Rights in China

Portuguese Tax and Customs Authority Chinese Customs
Other Contacts
Portal of the Government of the SAR of Macau

Forum for the Economic and Commercial Cooperation between China and the Portuguese-Speaking Countries (Macau)

Fundação Oriente

National Cabinet of Statistics in China


Portugal Economy Probe