CCILC is the Vice-President of EUCBA - European Union-China Business Association, and Member of the Executive Council of the Confucius Institute at the University of Lisbon;

CCILC regularly collaborates and has a close institutional relationship with diverse organisations and official entities, in China and Portugal, including most importantly:

  • MOFCOM - Ministry of Commerce of P.R.China;
  • MEE and MNE – Ministry of Economy and Ministry of Foreign Affairs; 
  • Embassies and Economic Delegations of Portugal in Beijing and China in Lisbon; 
  • CCPIT - China Council for the Promotion of International Trade;  
  • AICEP - Portugal Global - Trade & Investment Agency;
  • Macao Economic and Trade Representative Office, in Lisbon; 
  • Forum for Economic and Trade Co-Operation between China and Portuguese-Speaking Countries;
  • EUSME Centre – European Union Small and Medium Enterprises Centre; 
  • EUCCC – European Union Chamber of Commerce in China; 
  • ACILC – Portuguese-Chinese Association of Industrials and Traders
  • League of Chinese in Portugal
  • AICCP – Industrial and Commercial Association of the Chinese in Portugal 
  • Lisbon Commercial Association 
  • Portuguese Industrial Association 
  • Oriental Institute – ISCSP, Technical University of Lisbon 
  • Confucius Institute – University of Lisbon
  • China Observatory 
  • Macau Science and Culture Centre  
  • International Institute of Macau 


CCILC has partnership Agreements and Protocols with several Chinese institutions, emphasizing:

  • CCPIT – China Council for the Promotion of International Trade; 
  • IPIM - Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute;  
  • All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce; 
  • Belgian-Chinese Economic and Commercial Council; 
  • Hebei Enterprise Directors Association;  
  • China Foreign Trade Center;  
  • China Import and Export Fair (Feira de Cantão);  
  • Invest in China;  
  • Chinamex Holdings;
  • Sinocredit 

A set of new specialised partnerships is in course, looking to amplify the offer of qualified services in areas relevant to business support and development (Legal, Financial and Commercial areas, but also consultancy, human resources, quality certifications, etc.), searching for more efficient solutions in more advantageous conditions to the CCILC associates.