Portuguese Consulting Firm Takes Companies to China Under Brussels Project

Portuguese Consulting Firm Takes Companies to China Under Brussels Project
Published in 6 August, 2018

The “ENRICH Matchmaking and Innovation Tour to China” takes place from the 13th to the 21st of September and aims to “open business, investigation and innovation cooperation opportunities” between European and Chinese institutions, according to a statement by SPI.

The schedule includes visits to Beijing, Tianjin (port city in northern China) and Chengdu, capital of the province of Sichuan in the country’s southwest, where participants shall establish contact with companies, research institutes, universities or local science parks.

SPI was the consulting firm chosen by the European Commission to coordinate the Excellence Center ENRICH (European Network of Research and Innovation of Centres and Hubs, China), a platform that provides support to European technological firms in the Chinese market.

ENRICH, financed by the “Horizon 2020” program, offers specialized consultancy, cooperation and training to European companies and research organizations. “Horizon 2020” is the biggest investigation and innovation public promoting program, with a budget of close to 80 thousand million euros.

Beijing is launching a plan, named “Made in China 2025”, to transform the country into a technological powerhouse, with capabilities in high added value fields, such as artificial intelligence, renewable energy, robotics and electric cars.

Founded in 1997, the Portuguese Society for Innovation is a private consulting firm active in the areas of innovation, company internationalization promotion and data management.

Translated from: Notícias ao Minuto