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The Portuguese-Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCILC), created in 1978, was the first institution which, in a persistent and systematic way, supported the development of the economic and commercial relationship between Portugal and Popular Republic of China.

Founded before the reestablishment of diplomatic relations between Portugal and the Popular Republic of China, CCILC seeks – and has been seeking for 38 years – to support and foster economic and commercial ties and to facilitate the interaction between companies and institutions from both countries.

CCILC chose some of the largest and most emblematic Portuguese companies in what concerns relations with China, in order to reflect a new dynamic that supports the great efforts of increasing closeness both countries have been undertaking.

Currently chaired by EDP, in its social bodies are represented the most relevant industrial and financial groups in Portugal’s and China´s bilateral relations (Haitong Bank, REN/State Grid, Huawei, China Three Gorges, Caixa Geral de Depósitos, Fidelidade/Fosun, Millenium BCP, Estoril Sol, Novo Banco, etc), and many other important multinational companies, as well as several SME’s coming from multiple economic sectors that complement the rest of the social bodies in a universe of about 300 members that intend to boost a business supporting platform between Portugal and China.

Presentation CCILC

The promotion and protection of our associates’ interests, the reporting of information sensitive to their activities and a constant and committed follow-up with official authorities with the purpose of creating better conditions for the resolution of problems which will help the development of bilateral business deals are the central mission of the Chamber’s work, through the administrative structure of the General Secretariat and a set of seminal partnerships, in Portugal and in China.

Throughout its existence years, CCILC has offered qualified technical support which allows member companies to develop their operations in China in a much more efficient, informed and secure way. It seeks to provide information of all kind, such as promoting business opportunities, delivering statistical data on imports and exports, or announcing the organization of fairs and exhibitions. The Chamber makes available legislation and regulation, organizes events and conferences, and promotes entrepreneurial networking between both countries. It prepares market studies and other research, provides support in visits of official delegations (and business delegations), provides interpretation and translation services, and cooperates in working with legal, fiscal and commercial consulting.

In 1976, a group of Portuguese businessmen and industrialists (including Tenente Coronel Ferreira da Cunha, António Nolasco, Rogério de Matos and Henrique de Jesus e Azevedo Botelho), started endeavors in order to create a Portuguese Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, with the goals of facilitating and boosting economic relations between Portugal and the Popular Republic of China.

Informal contacts were established with the Chinese authorities, which were only possible with the support of the Portugal-China Friendship Association and the initiative of Mr. Manuel Bulhosa and Mr. Silas Chou. In January 1977, after an agreement in principle by the Chinese authorities, the Portuguese authorities accepted and cherished the initiative, through the Prime Minister’s and the Minister of Foreign Trade’s cabinets.

After the sending of information about its constitution to several companies, in which were stated the benefits of membership in the Chamber, the association (CCILC) received immediately many membership requests, from business sectors such as the wine sector, Projects, the footwear industry, the cork industry, textile industry, the oil sector, naval construction, the banking sector, housing sector, metal and wood industries, after its foundation in 1978.

Since its beginnings and during its development stage, the Chamber counted with many well-known companies, such as Amorim & Irmão, Sogrape, Air France – still a member -, and others, and its largest representation came always from the financial sector, at the time with Bancos Borges & Irmão, Fonsecas & Burnay, Pinto & Sotto Maior, Português do Atlântico, Nacional Ultramarino, Espírito Santo e Comercial de Lisboa and União dos Bancos Portugueses.

After 38 years since its creation, the Portuguese Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry established itself as a reference in the promotion and development of economic ties between Portugal and the Popular Republic of China, with reputation and credibility in the establishment of links between companies and institutions of both countries, always showing a cross-sectional representation of the Portuguese economic world reflected in its members, within which still figure the great names of Portugal’s business community – names which will now be ever more accompanied by their Chinese counterparts.


Enceta-se diligências para a criação de uma Câmara de Comércio e Indústria Luso Chinesa.


Em Janeiro de 1977, após acordo de princípio das autoridades Chinesas, as autoridades Portuguesas aceitaram e acarinharam esta iniciativa.


Na génese e no desenvolvimento da CCILC estiveram diversas empresas de renome.


A CCILC estabeleceu-se como uma entidade de referência na promoção do desenvolvimento do relacionamento económico entre Portugal e a República Popular da China.

Social Bodies


João Marques da Cruz
Paulo Martins
Pedro Turras
José João Guilherme
Zhang Ding Ming
Fernando Costa Freire
Choi Man Hin
Rogério Henriques
Chris Lu
Marta Mariz
Ilídio de Ayala Serôdio
Gonçalo Morais Soares
Social Bodies


Sérgio Martins Alves
Advisor to the Board / China Market Expert / Head of Institutional Relations & Translation Services
Lurdes Assunção
Head of Porto Delegation | Investor Relations | China Market Expert
Vítor Costa
Corporate Relations & Network Manager | Head of Executive Education Partnerships
Sara Silva
Investor Relations & Project Manager / Head of Partnership Programs
Rita Raposo
Project Manager and Media Affairs | Head of Entrepreneurship Programs
Miguel Braz
Social Bodies


Luis Graça Moura
Lin Man (Nova Ásia Lda.)
João Korrodi (Absolutgest - Concept & Design)
Ana Rodrigues Ventura
Social Bodies


Luis Belo
Member of the Board
Jorge Veríssimo (PA&A Sociedade de Advogados)
Member of the Board
Vasco Bívar de Azevedo
Alternate Member of the Board
Tiago Caiado Guerreiro